Teaching Experience



Tulane UniversityFreshman Writing: The Monstrous ImaginationAristotle in New Orleans (Persuasive Writing w/ Service Learning)

Maryville University:

Spring 2012-PresentFall 2012
Humanities in Western Culture (Western Culture to 1789) Spring 2011
Washington University:
Argumentation (an upper-level writing intensive course) Spring 2011
Topics in English and American Literature: Literary Monsters (Medieval to Modern) Spring 2011
Medieval English Literature: The Monstrous in the Middle Ages Spring 2010
Engaging Research (a sophomore level writing course)Fantasy Literature and the Reimagined World Fall 2008-Spring 2010Fall 2009
Introduction to Writing about Literature Summer 2009
Composition and Rhetoric II Fall 2008
Writing 1 Fall 2010-Spring 2011; Spring 2006-Spring 2008; Spring 2003,Fall 2000-Fall 2001
Chief English Writers I (a survey from Chaucer to Milton) Fall 2002
Teaching Assistant:  
Independent Study on Chaucer Summer 2006
The Bible as LiteratureShakespeare Summer 2005Summer 2005
Masterpieces of European Literature I (survey from Homer to Dante) Summer 2003
Chaucer (an upper-level course with grads and undergrads) Spring 2002

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