About Me

GoddenpicI am currently a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Tulane University. I completed my PhD in English and American Literature at Washington University in St. Louis.

I mainly focus on medieval English Literature, with an emphasis on the 14th and 15th centuries. One of my abiding interests has been time and temporality.  I am particularly interested in the experience and representation of asynchrony, both in medieval literature and in terms of my own subject position as an academic medievalist.

My dissertation, for example, focuses on the manifestation of the untimely as a consequence of medieval writers attempting to appropriate the past into a present context. In addition to my research on temporality, my current work focuses on the materiality of prosthesis in later medieval literature and culture.

At Tulane, I currently teach two courses. First, I teach a Freshman Writing course, which has as its the theme “The Monstrous Imagination.” I have also taught two other courses on the monstrous (one specifically on medieval literature and one transhistorical). I find the concept of the monster to be eminently teachable, mostly because it demands our interpretation.  Second, I teach a course called “Aristotle in New Orleans.” This course is an upper-level writing course that also has a service-learning component. My students read text from Aristotle, Plato, Quintillian, and Seneca on questions of ethics, argumentation, and rhetoric. For their service-learning, they then go into area middle schools to coach an eight-week debate program.

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